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India is a country of rich heritage and varied traditions, a country of phenomenal history, a country which researchers say dates back to at least 10,000 years.

This country has seen some of the greatest civilisation including Indus Valley and the much older Saraswathi Valley Civilisation. We feel we are blessed to have been born in this country and would like to contribute our best to this nation.

Our history has been a cynosure and to many an eye sore, because of envy. Those low sighted people have been eyeing to do the needful “damage” to our country in various forms at various times. The available history wrote by many scholars, including some from the western world, have been giving enough proof of the same.

The most recent has been the invasion and rule of The East India Company over us for nearly 150 years. During these years, as per the study & guidelines of Lord Macaulay, they did a systematic and planned erosion of our culture and heritage, the fruits of which we have been seeing in various forms, even today.

As per SAYAAMRUTHA, the westernisation of our eating habits and the various foods has been affecting our physical & mental health very badly. This has worsened after the onslaught of the IT ERA. Many of us could find no time to prepare quality and tasty food either for our children or our aged parents and in-laws, if they are living with us. The situation is worse for the aged, if they live alone, with their children either in other countries or have decided to leave them, on their own. Even among the present day youth, Many people do not know what they eat, why they eat and how should they eat, for a healthy living.

SAYAAMRUTHA’S mission is to drive our society, back to our healthy food habits, right from the children up to the senior citizens and the vision is to have a healthy adults and great future for & of India. We are planning to bring this with a definitive change in the food items eaten by the present day children and the present age senior citizens, particularly to give them the feel; they have been missing quite long.

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