healthy tips

Amrutha Aahara

The children, who are the pillars of tomorrow, are our targets in this segment. We would like to address them more in a group, as in our earlier days, rather than singly. Our scholars have been writing about the importance of “group activity” for children right from the way they have been conducting the “Gurukul”.

We at SAYAAMRUTHA feel that, the food they eat has a special impact on all their activities. The ingredients, whether it is SAATHVIK, RAAJASIC or THAMASIC will have its own effect on the eater. As per our sastra’s and vedantha’s the eater’s characteristics will depend even on the way the ingredients of the food is grown, the place it is grown etc. Though we cannot control all these factors, to the fullest extent, the knowledge of these has given us a plane from which we can have some control over it.

We assure to address their food need in quality and variety with very simple but effective way. We would like to address them in their schools, family get-togethers etc.

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